Christ loves greed

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.00.50 PM

Took my son to the dentist this morning. As I was driving we passed the above roadside nativity scene.

Now, I’m not Christian. I’m a non-observant Jew who is 99.9-percent certain we die and turn to dust. Which is fine. But seeing the ode to Jesus reminded me of the ol’ WWJD bracelets ballplayers wore in the mid-1990s. These were, often, the same men who fucked around on their wives, ignored the autograph requests of kids, hid their fortunes in various international tax shelters. In short, they wore the bracelets for what the message conveyed (Good guy), not what it meant (live in a Christ-like way).

And I thought about 2017.

What would Jesus do in 2017? Would he agree to a tax plan that benefitted the richest among us, while punishing the poor and sick? Would he damn Muslims to hell? Would he mock and ridicule and scorn those who are weaker? Those in need of help?

Would Jesus Christ, 2017 version, have a Twitter account? And, if so, would he deploy it as a weapon against anyone who dare have a contrarian opinion? Would he brag and boast of his “accomplishments”?

Would Jesus Christ, 2017, rape and assault women? Would he cruise malls for teenaged girls? Would he then support someone who cruised malls for teenaged girls?

What would Jesus Christ do?

He’d weep.