Christy Berrie

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It started in high school.

She was a senior in social studies class, bored and indifferent and observant enough to see how her teacher responded to a low-cut T-shirt.

So she wore one again.

And again.

And again.

The result? An A for minimal work.

At that moment, Christy Berrie says she realized how easily manipulated men could be via sexuality. So, despite having attended college and studying microbiology and physiology, she thought it’d be wiser (and more enjoyable) to focus her professional life on selling sex. Not literally, mind you—but visions, sounds, fantasies, clips.

Which makes her a unique entrepreneur.

And a unique Quaz Q&A.

One can follow Christy on Twitter here.

Christy Berrie, you are the Quaz …

JEFF PEARLMAN: In your bio you write, “I’ve been manipulating males since I was a teenager.” But what does that REALLY mean? Hell, we all manipulate from time to time, no? Is this real, or more business talk?

CHRISTY BERRIE: Growing up, I quickly learned there was no way I’d manipulate or get one past my mother. I was very much a “daddy’s girl” and got what I wanted from him each and every time. I don’t think that’s surprising as that’s how many girls are with their father. But as I got a bit older, into my teenage years, I quickly learned that many men would do silly things, even dangerous things for a woman’s attention. For instance, in high school I hated history class almost as much as I hated the teacher. But I saw right through him. I knew that years earlier he had an affair with a student so I knew there had to be some way I could pass my class with very little effort. Instead of sleeping with the old pervert, I remembered he complimented a shirt I was wearing on day after class. It was nothing special, just a plain, low cut v-neck T-shirt. I knew exactly why he liked it! So, all it took was v-necks and a desk close to his. I wasn’t even exceptionally nice to him, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of 18-year-old breasts. I couldn’t care less about watching videos on The Cold War or memorizing the order of our presidents, but that was an easy A class that year. My friends thought that was pretty naughty, but I always thought that was a harmless use of my sexuality.

J.P.: When you started doing web cam in 2014, you would masturbate on the screen. But I’m guessing that was often, if not always, pure acting. Like, I’m sure you’re not getting off to the schlub paying you $8 a minute. So—is that easy or hard? And what were the keys?

C.B.: It was definitely never the customer bringing me to orgasm! It was hard to read their one-handed typos and stay focused on making myself feel good, so ignoring a lot of the messages being sent helped. I’d usually zone everything else out, pretend the computer wasn’t in front of me and do my own thing. I think it’s important to still make yourself feel good and make the experience as pleasurable for yourself as you can because if you don’t and it’s all acting, all the time then the job gets old quickly! I was usually in the mindset of “I could be wiping someone’s ass in the ER right now.” That made it easier.

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J.P.: You were raised Mormon—which is, morally and behaviorally, a pretty huge departure from your gig. How did your religion impact your career? Your views on morality and sexuality?

C.B.: Christianity and FemDom have a lot in common! Dropping to your knees, questioning your morals, asking for forgiveness from someone who threatens you with punishments. I am a personal Jesus to lots of guys but this is much more fun than going to church.

I grew up in a household where sex really wasn’t talked about. The only sex talk I had as a teenager was, “Don’t have sex, you’ll get pregnant!” The Mormon church, like many other religions, tells children that sex is only for procreation when you’re married. As a young girl, I never had the daydreams about what my wedding dress would look like or my father walking me down the aisle, so I kind of always knew I wasn’t “waiting until marriage.” I don’t think I was ever really a “good” Mormon. I was scolded for wearing lipstick to church when I was 7-years old because it was “tempting” the boys. At 13, I had to have my mom bring me a long dress because the shorts I wore to “Young Women’s” night were too short. I always knew that morality to Mormons was much different than a lot of other religions. Most of my childhood friends were Catholic and none of them were denied caffeine or alcohol. There was no way my friends were going to hell just because they drank a Dr. Pepper. By 16, I kind of said “Fuck Mormon morals” and never went back to church. Instead of feeling ashamed I went the opposite direction. If they didn’t like my lipstick, I wonder how they’ll feel about my career now …

J.P.: Do you ever feel emotionally attached to customers? Do you ever break down the wall and talk real life stuff? Or is that a huge no-no?

C.B.: Webcamming in a chatroom let customers into a big part of my real life. When I first started out, I was online about six hours a day so customers knew a lot. They saw different parts of my home, they knew when my dog died, things like that. I gained several regulars who I was fairly comfortable talking about life with. I think that can take away from the “fantasy” for some, though. To some guys, seeing a dirty dish in my kitchen sink might take away from my domme persona since I should have a live-in slave cleaning up after me, every second of the day. It’s silly, but it’s money.


J.P.: You studied microbiology and physiology in college. You’ve worked myriad jobs. So—how did this happen? This gig?

C.B.: I’ve been interested in sex work for as long as I can remember. I had a friend whose older sister was a stripper and I thought she was a total badass. I had even searched “how to become an escort” while in college, but never really had the guts to do it. I had no idea getting naked online was a job until a doctor I worked with told me about it. Any time I wore my hair in braided pigtails, he joked that I must’ve just got done playing the school girl part on webcam. Of course, I went home and immediately searched “web cam girl” after work. I watched a few girls from time to time, amazed at how much they were getting paid for hanging out at home. Around that time, I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and was living on my own again. I had gotten used to a certain lifestyle with him, and knew I needed to make more money and before I knew it, I was sending my identification to MyFreeCams. The next night I was half naked online making $850 in about 5 hours.

J.P.: Last April there was a lengthy Washington Post story about financial domination, and how it’s exploded into a huge industry. But I don’t really get it. Why would someone send you money—for the right to send you money? What am I missing?

C.B.: One great thing about financial domination is that some people just don’t get it. The fact that some, maybe most people can’t wrap their heads around it makes it that much more exciting.

Some men just love to be used. Very rarely is the transaction as easy as “Fuck you, Pay Me” and that’s the end of the conversation.

Many “pay pigs” are looking for humiliation, and when you press the right buttons they send even more. Humiliation junkies tell me embarrassing things that they’d never tell anybody else. Other women would never talk to them again if they told them these fucked-up secrets and kinks. They pay to tell me, then they pay for me to use it against them.

There are also money slaves who get off on just sending money and being used for my own pleasure and profit. They want to lose control, forget about everything else and simply submit. They love to be told what to do, what to buy, how much to spend. In my experience these are men who are buying “Goddess Worship” types of clips and then sending hefty tributes after watching as a “thank you.”

For the most part there is some sort of communication and relationship between myself and my financial slaves. There are times when someone I’ve never spoken to will have an all night clip binge, then spend thousands more on tributes and gifts then never to be seen or heard again.

Some have control over their spending and some are addicted to the rush of spending way too much. Each of my financial slaves is different from the other but the one similarity they have is that they love to see me happy!

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J.P.: It seems like much of your business (maybe most) is illusion. You’re selling the ideas of sexiness, of servitude, of lust, of domination. But I’ll take a stab and guess you go to the bathroom, stub your toe, burp and fart and snore. So do you have to “become” someone/something when you’re doing a session? Like, is there a temporary transformation that you go through?

C.B.: Much of it is an illusion, which is why I usually film in the same couple of spots around my home. Like I mentioned earlier, some guys want to imagine that I have servants and slaves cleaning up after me, wiping my ass, and carrying me around on a pedestal all day. Besides that I don’t really have to turn into someone else. I have a strong personality that some guys in real life find intimidating. I also really do like nice, sexually inventive, somewhat submissive guys. So when I’m telling a customer to worship, it’s something I really would say in a real relationship. With that being said, there are also many customers who love the private-life kind of realness. If I have a cold, I know I can make money off of that now. I’ll record myself coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose. I also have a returning customer who orders custom clips of me burping while wearing pretty lingerie.

J.P.: Craziest/weirdest request from your domme career? Lowest?

C.B.: I think most women in this career have had requests to mail shit or pee to a customer so I don’t even think that’s weird any more. My weirdest is probably sending someone my snot after recording a nose blowing clip. I packaged it up in a jar, threw in some used tissue and sent it off. I’m curious to know what he did with it and if he got sick from it.

I can think of a couple unfavorable requests. The bad ones usually involve someone else, like an unsuspecting wife or neighbor. I’ve had a lot of home wrecking requests that involve a husband cumming in his wife’s shoes or pillow. I’m not proud of it, but I have gone along with requests like that when I first started this job. As I found my own voice, I realized that it goes against femdom, or at least my own interpretation of it. Any woman, no matter who she is, is above filthy males.

The worst was someone requesting jerk off instructions while they fuck their dog. Those people don’t even get a reply.

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J.P.: You have clients you see in person. I’m sorta riveted—what is this like? Also, do you bring along security? Isn’t it sorta scary, going to meet these people? 

C.B.: I’ve met three of my clients in person. Each of them are financial slaves, not looking for any sort of sexual sessions. I got to know them pretty well beforehand either through Skype video calls or texting. I’m a good judge of character and neither of them ever made me think twice about meeting them. I’ve always met them in public places, with a friend somewhere near.

Although I’ve only met three, I’ve had hundreds of other requests to meet which I don’t think I’ll be doing.

J.P.: Donald Trump is president, and it feels like our nation is turning to dogshit. I mean, outside of the strictly political, there’s so much anger. And it’s raw. Does this impact your gig at all? Like, does more stress=more customers? Does it ever come up in your job?

C.B.: More stress definitely equals more spending. I don’t know if it’s politics that has brought me more customers but the spending has gone up, definitely. Porn is a way to decompress and forget everything else for a while, even I watch more porn when I’m stressed!

Very rarely are my pre-made clips political, but I get a custom request every now and then to bash someone for their political views. Last year, a customer requested I humiliate him for pretending he voted for Trump. He grew up conservative and lived in a red state, but he really voted for Hillary. He was too ashamed to let his friends and family know he voted for a woman. I made him send me a video of himself with “Hillary’s Bitch” written on his chest while sitting down on a huge dildo.

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• Rank in order (favorite to least): trophies, plastic cups, dirty feet, Michael Jordan, The Cure, Phil Niekro, “Stranger Things,” a slice of saudage pizza, Steve Young, MasterCard: Mastercard, dirty feet, Stranger Things, The Cure, sausage pizza, trophies, plastic cups, Michael Jordan, Phil Niekro, Steve Young

• One question you would ask Ken Griffey, Sr. were she here right now?: Who are you?? (I had to Google … not into sports!)

• Why “Christy Berrie”?: It’s a play on my real name. Pretty tough to figure out.

• Five things you hate about humanity: Social media addiction, tribalism, 24 hour news channels, gender reveal parties, small talk

• Five things you love about humanity: Humans invented the dog, medical advances, dance, space exploration, storytelling

• Who wins in a 12-round boxing match between you and Vanilla Ice? Me. He wouldn’t hit me. Look at me.:

• What’s the funniest request you’ve ever had in your gig?: Jerk off instruction video to the beat of David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel

• What do your folks think of your gig?: They don’t ask many questions. I’m sure they assume I’m doing hardcore incest porn.

• What are three things men generally don’t understand about women and sex?: Tough one since I always tell my partner what feels good and what I like. 1. Foreplay is a 24/7 job. Inside the bedroom foreplay is touching and kissing, outside of the bedroom foreplay is doing the dishes and mopping; 2. Don’t be afraid to ask “does this feel good?”; 3. This might just be me, but we don’t want marathon sex. I’ve had guys say they can fuck for three hours. NO! 20 mins and cum already!

• Is Eli Manning an automatic Hall of Famer in your eyes?: Only because he’s the cute brother.