Rashida Tlaib, please don’t do this shit

For those who missed it, Rashida Tlaib—newly elected congresswoman from Michigan—sorta fucked up yesterday.

During a celebration after her swearing in, Tlaib excitedly said to supporters, “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherfucker.”

And, to be clear, I want the motherfucker impeached. Donald Trump is a crumb, a crook, a sinister piece of slime, a selfish, arrogant, detestable non-human. He is not merely my all-time least-favorite public figure. He is, I truly believe, my all-time least-favorite thing that walks the earth. I never say this about people (truly, never), but were Donald Trump to die of a heart attack tomorrow, I’d know our nation (and my kids’ future) would be better served. There’d be, I believe, a slow return to empathy, to compassion, to discourse, to concern for the environment, to concern for public health. Donald Trump is a plague. A cult leader. A locust. Pure bad, born and raised to be pure bad. Has been for decades.

That said …

Rashida Tlaib made a really dumb rookie mistake. This is not how Democrats will get things done, and the more amateurish and juvenile our party looks, the less seriously we’re taken. And, no, it’s not fair that Donald Trump can boast of bragging women by the pussies; can lie for five years about the sitting president’s birthplace and religion; can mock the overweight, the disabled, the veterans. None of this is even remotely fair.

But, in 2019, we win by winning over people.

By convincing.

By prodding.

Not by giving Fox News a late Christmas gift, wrapped with a bow.

PS: And here’s the worst part. Fucking address what you said—don’t be a coward and run. Either say you made a mistake or say you stand by it. But this is an awful look. Just awful …



4 thoughts on “Rashida Tlaib, please don’t do this shit”

  1. Yup, the answer is, “It was a gaffe in the excitement of the moment. Yes, I did say what everyone was thinking, but that wasn’t the place for it. I’ve already discussed it with the speaker. Thank you.”

  2. Yeah, well how about “mainstream media,” don’t keep falling for the Republicans’ ploy of pretending to clutch their pearls and retiring to the fainting couch whenever they want to distract attention from something odious they’ve done? Yeah, Ms. Tlaib probably could have refrained from the use of the word, but as usual, the mainstream media coverage FROM THE SO-CALLED “LIBERAL” MEDIA, has allowed Fox News and its ilk to set the framework.

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