@kimswaim1 and the problem with it all

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The above image is of someone on Twitter named @kimswaim1.

I don’t know Kim, but a few minutes ago she suggested I could leave America if I’m unhappy with it. Which, I suppose, is one way of looking at things. And I’m sure—during the Barack Obama years—she relocated to Canada, and only recently returned.

Wait. I digress.

Kim and I had a brief back and forth, and then she wrote this …

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To which I wondered, with mock curiosity, why she watches CNN if she hates it so much. To which Kim replied …

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 5.29.56 PM

And, of course, that’s the very point of it all; the very problem I have, here in 2019, with the increasingly problematic merging of cable news and social media. You have someone like @kimswaim1, so set in her beliefs, and so convinced that she is correct in her beliefs, and so entrenched in the conviction that her side is right and your side isn’t, that she …

A. Presumes you must watch CNN if you disagree with her.

B. Considers CNN to be phony news.

C. Never watched CNN.

Which begs the question: How in the world can you think CNN to be fake news … if you never watch CNN? I get that you’ve been told it’s fake. I get that you believe the people telling you such. But am I supposed to make the leap that something is irrefutably true because another person believes it to be so? And what if that other person—the one screaming “Fake News! Fake News!”—literally hung doctored Time Magazine covers in his golf clubs? And what if that other person—the one screaming “Fake News! Fake News!”—literally disguised his voice and created a pretend publicist to hype news about Donald J. Trump?

It’s all so strange and irritating, and I would tell @kimswaim1 so much …

… but she blocked me.

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