The Jets roll out new uniforms, and I am worse for watching

In case you missed this, the New York Jets have new uniforms, and to introduce the duds to the world they held a launch event earlier today, replete with DJ, MC, fans and a painfully awful few minutes of Sam Darnold talking with J.B. Smoove about why the new, relatively uninspired uniforms are superior to the old, relatively uninspired uniforms.

As a guy who grew up rooting for the Jets, the whole thing made me uncomfortable. First, because it was uncomfortable (I’ve now interviewed Darnold twice. He’s a great kid. Lovely. But so not cool). Second, because it combined everything I hate about the modern NFL into an hour-long made-for-YouTube event: Silly hype, too much noise, athletes posing without just reason for posing.

Third, and worst of all, because it was actually one of the bigger celebrations in franchise history. Think about that for a moment—the New York Jets began play (as the New York Titans) in 1960, and through 59 years today was probably an all-time organizational highlight. Getting new clothing! And modeling it for fans! With J.B. Smoove as MC!

Ugh, the Jets …