The chug heard around the world

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The best moment of any interview in the history of all interviews took place earlier today, when NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Republican Senator John Kennedy

… and took a chug from his coffee cup.

You probably need to watch the whole thing to understand, but as Kennedy—yet another Republican Trump lackey trying to somehow defend the conman president from the indefensible—blathered on and on and on about the media and innocence and Joe Biden and Ukrainian blah blah blah, Todd picked up his blue mug and took a big ol’ sip.

Honestly, it was a motherfucking sip for all of us in the working media. All of us who have heard #Fakenews. All of us who have had to endure the insults and slurs of a largely honorable workforce. All of us who had to sit and watch as far-right bloggers and conspiracy artists were invited to the Rose Garden. All of us who entered the field to uncover truth.

All of us.

Chuck Todd’s gulp said, “I’m exhausted. Of the lies and the deceit. Of the mindlessness. Of the viciousness. I’m tired of sitting here as some ignorant fuck who couldn’t pass seventh grade American history carried water for a man who couldn’t pass fourth grade American history.”

Drink on, bruh.

Drink on.

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