The shame you’ll feel …

The year is, oh, 2050.

You’re a grandpa. Or grandma.

Your grandchild is learning about Donald Trump in school. She has some questions.

“Grandpa, you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, did you?”

Yes, you reply. You did. Twice.

“But Grandpa, didn’t he wind up spending 10 years in prison after he was done with the presidency?”

You nod, glumly.

“And wasn’t he president when that virus happened, and all those hundreds of thousands of people died? And he said over and over again that it wasn’t a big deal?”

You nod, glumly.

“There’s a boy in my class who calls me Fat Alice,” she says. “He makes pig noises when I walk by.”

You’re upset. Furious. You want to tell Alice she’s beautiful just the way she—

“Grandpa, didn’t Donald Trump call women fat and ugly?”

You’re stumped.

“Grandpa, how many years did you serve in the Army?”

You tell Alice it was seven years total—three active duty in the Middle East.

“Grandpa, when Donald Trump said heroes aren’t captured, was he talking about people like you?”

Again, silence.

“Grandpa, I was reading about the 2020 election. Remember when I cried after losing my little league game, and you told me I need to be gracious and decent and honest?”

You rise, pat Alice atop the head and walk off.


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