It takes a remarkable level of asshole

So if you’ve been following this blog of late, you know I’ve written quite a bit about Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim, the batshit crazy Carmel, N.Y. parent who is all about so-called Critical Race Theory shaming and MAGA and barking and yelling and screaming and making people who disagree with her A. Feel like shit; B. Experience genuine rage and hostility.

And I thought I knew the worst of it. Truly, I did. But then I was directed to something so fucking vile, so fucking inappropriate, that I wanted to kick a wall. Or at least kick the soft side of a wall.

So, somewhat recently, Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim posted on social media the yearbook photo—name included—of a graduating Mahopac High School senior who had BLM written across their face, and the quote IT’S A MOVEMENT, NOT A MOMENT beneath the image. Here’s a look, with specifics blotted out …

Then, Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim added this. Because Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim is a pile of burning feces …

And, predictably, the spewage followed. Social media rampages against the student and the student’s family (and directed at them). And for what? For fucking what, Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim? Because this young person believes BLM is a worthwhile cause? Because this young person has a differing opinion? Is THIS what you do to people who disagree with you, Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim? People who are, what, 17? Eighteen? You put them on blast, spread their name to your followers, have them attack with little regard for decency, empathy, kindness? You don’t know this kid. You don’t know what this kid has been through. You know absolutely nothing about this person’s life experiences. Fucking nothing.

But that doesn’t matter to you—because (as I said in this post) you’re getting super jiggy with the idea of being a hard-right celebrity du jour (that means “of the day,” Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim). A few weeks ago, nobody knew who the fuck you were. But now—bark! bark! bark! bark!—you’re the slayer of the left; the Newsmax grip ‘n; go; the woman who (I firmly believe) couldn’t tell us five things about the Black Panthers, but loves saying how evil they are. So what if people are being attacked and teachers and guidance counselors are facing threats? So what if you could have actually expressed your concerns in a reasonable manner, and—just maybe—have been heard?

So fucking what?

You exist for one reason. To be as loud and crass and ugly as possible, and hope the spotlight doesn’t fade on your bullshit.

Alas, it always fades.

The charred remains will be your legacy.

4 thoughts on “It takes a remarkable level of asshole”

  1. You’re an ultra leftwing asswipe Pearlman. You’re the Democratic version of those Qanon wackos. Oh, before you lump me in with his followers let me tell you I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 or 2020. He is as big a horse’s ass as you are.

  2. Why don't you research it

    Imagine if you did this much research into the sychofantic politicians you support. Do one on AOC and how she lied about where and how she grew up to get those easily lead to vote for her. But we all know you won’t. Actually, you’re the type of spiteful liar who probably would do it just to prove a point, yet we all know it would just be making excuses for the lies, like you did in that nauseating apology piece about Clinton sex assaulting his way through his presidency. Either way, Carmel voted “no” twice on the new budget, so cope and seethe some more. I anxiously await your next whine on the topic as you sit there, festering in your hate filled life about every demented form of child abuse you want pushed through that doesn’t go your way. If you wanna screw up your kids that’s on you, but the second you come for others kids you birth people like this woman. You may be able to create your echo chamber on social media, but at least here we can all come here and laugh at you getting high on your own farts on full display. Since you’re the type to curate your comments to make the circle jerk that much more of a dopamine hit for losers like yourself, even if this doesn’t make it to the page, I’ll at least know you saw it. Have a wonderful day, we don’t miss you over here in NY. Lastly, glad to see you’ve only gotten more petty since high school. Have fun supporting your new age child abuse tactics, you’re super good at it, you BlueAnon whack job.

  3. Just a thought here that comes to mind. School yearbooks are sold, so they are published. So would the pictures inside the yearbook also be considered published? Could the posting of this minors published photo on social media be in violation of copy right laws?
    It sure indeed questions the morality of such a person who does this kind of thing.
    The same person who accuses good people of being satan followers because they don’t agree with her.
    Now she can put religious leader on her resume along with all her names.

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